How long does shipping take?
NZ- 1-2 Days or 1-4 Days for Rural Shipping

Overseas- 2-10 Business Days

Do you accept Returns?

Yes, we do accept returns! Please refer to our Refund Policy Page for more information!

Do you ship Overseas?

Yes! We currently ship to NZ, Australia, USA, UK, Europe.

What is your Lead Time?

Our current lead time is 7-10 Business days! 'Lead Time' means how long it takes from when you first placed your order until when it is processed, made and picked up with the courier!

Do you have laybuy?

Yes! We currently have laybuy and afterpay NZ, we are working on getting afterpay Australia!

What is the difference between standard length and extra length?

Standard Length- Our bikini tops that are catered to girls with a bust size between A-C cup.

Extra Length - Our bikini tops that are catered to girls with a bust size between D-G cup. The extra length versions have 3CM of added fabric to the bottom of the top to help reduce underboob, and a 1.5- 2cm added coverage to the cleavage!

However, if you are unsure please email us at euhporcicollection@gmail.com or opt-in for a custom made top! 

Do you offer padding?

Yes! However- our padding is not padded cups! It is a 3mm thin padded foam that gets sewn into your bikini! This option is the best as it is soft, lightweight, it dries quickly when wet and it is not visible through the bikinis! You can not take this padding out as it is sewn in, which means through washes/wears it will not move around! 

What is your sizing chart?

 We currently offer sizes 6-20! And we have a custom size option too! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at euphoriccollection@gmail.com