Lead Time

Here at Euphoric Collection we are a slow fashion label. All of our garments are handmade in New Zealand and made to order by Natasha the Owner, designer and seamstress at Euphoric Collection.

As all of our garments are handmade and made to order, we do not have clothing that is ready made and on stand-by which means that every garment that is purchased online has to be made before it can be shipped to it's new owner.

The garments we sell on our online store can take anywhere from 1-4 hours (per garment) to make which means there is a limit to how many garments Natasha can make in a day, no matter how efficient Natasha is!


Therefore, our current lead time is 5 business days. This is the time from when you place your order online until the day your order is dispatched and picked up by the courier.

We really appreciate your patience and for supporting a slow fashion kiwi brand!

Please note, Lead times do not include shipping times.

Still have some questions? Please fill out the form below or get in contact with Natasha at info@euphoriccollection.co.nz

We look forward to making your new garments and we can't wait to see what you think!! Thank you, Natasha x