We have 2 different stitch types to choose from in some styles. These are the seamless and cover stitch options.


This is when the finishing of the garment is seamless and no threads are visible from the outside or inside.

PRO - Super comfortable! Perfect for those who want/need a comfortable fit around the belly.

CON- The seams will roll, especially around the bum area. If you don't want to be adjusting your bottoms all the time, we would not recommended this option.


This is when the finishing of the garment has 2 rows of stitching on the right side of the garment and a overlock stick on the wrong side (Inside) of the garment.

PRO - The garment is more stable and is inclined to stay in place longer. This option also hugs the bum better, so you will have less chances of needing to pull out wedgies, but not completely.

CON - It is a tighter fit.

Here is a link to our Instagram reel where we have a try on video to show the difference between the two options.