At Euphoric Collection we are always thinking about sustainability and how we as a independent brand can make better choices for not only us but our planet. We strive to always continue growing in this field and we know that we are not perfect, but we are working on this continuously and we aim to keeping making positive changes. We also care about being transparent with you about how our products are made and where we source our fabrics. Below is some information about our fabrics we use and our garment production. 



This fabric is made with ECONYL yarn and is 100% regenerated nylon fibers from pre and post consumer waste. 

What is ECONYL? ECONYL uses synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric and fishing nets from oceans, recycles and regenerates them into a new nylon yarn that has the same characteristics as virgin yarn made from raw materials. 

The process in which ECONYL Yarn is made in simple terms:

Nylon Waste Rescue ---> Waste Preparation ---> Depolymerization ---> Polymerization ---> Yarn Production --->Transformation ---> Commercialization

Our recycled fabric range is manufactured in Italy from a firm called Aquafil.

Recycling nylon is still more expensive than new nylon to produce, but it has many environmental advantages such as less water needed, less energy needed and no soil erosion.

The colours from our recycled range are:

Black, White, Sand, Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Red, Sunflower


The colours listed below are from our nylon range. 

The Process in which Virgin Yarn is made in simple terms:

Oil Extraction ---> Oil Transformation ---> Depolymerization ---> Polymerization ---> Yarn Production ---> Transformation ---> Commercialization

Our Nylon range is manufactured in Asia and China. 

The Colours from our nylon range is:

Oxide, Cherry, Cedar, Pistachio, Pink Lemonade, Sky Blue, Lavender, Jaguar, Leopard


Here at Euphoric Collection every single bikini is handmade by Natasha with love, care and quality. Being made to order is a conscious choice so that we only make what is wanted and we have no excess stock lying around or going to waste. This means that every single garment is made with quality control and with a personalized touch. 

Euphoric Collection ensures that with each bikini cut out of our fabrics, there is minimal waste and what waste we do make we re-purpose to the best of our abilities. Waste fabric can either be made into scrunchies or is kept as scrap fabric for samples or stitching testers. 

Once the garment is complete, each order is carefully placed into a drawstring bag which is then sent out in our Eco courier bags. Our courier bags are compostable which can be done at home or commercially. Every order is only sent out with the made garment, a card board thank you card and a plastic hygiene sticker (We are currently looking for alternative eco-friendly hygiene stickers.)

Not only is sustainability important for businesses, it's also important for consumers too. We hope that when you purchase from us you give your bikini a well lived life. We encourage that if you no longer use it that you sell it second hand or upcycle it, please do not throw it away in the trash.