About Us


Euphoric Collection is an independently owned and operated online boutique specializing in handmade and made to order women's swimwear and loungewear, made and located in the Wairarapa, New Zealand.


Founded in 2017, Natasha saw a gap in the fashion market for inclusive, ethically made, sexy and supportive, women's swimwear in New Zealand and decided to create a brand of her own. Natasha first started making and selling women's swimwear in 2017 and in the beginning of 2021, she ventured into making women's loungewear too.


In a time of mass produced and impersonal fashion companies, we are here to offer a more personal touch to fashion by providing a made to order process where each and every order you place is made specifically for you. We value our customers and their experience with us and our products. We will always go above and beyond to make our customers feel valued and cared for. We make sure that every customer walks away with a garment that they will love, that has been made ethically and to a high standard of construction and that will last for seasons to come. Here are some additional points we believe we have to offer

  • Great customer experience. 
  • Customized garments to suit your needs
  • You're voice will always be heard.
  • We are proudly a New Zealand owned and operated business.
  • We have sustainable ethics and morals.
  • Our garments are size inclusive (6-20 NZ sizing).
  • We support and empower women
  • Euphoric Collection is an alternative to fast fashion


SUSTAINIBILITY - The fashion industry is appalling when it comes to sustainability. With new styles and trends launching every day and little to no consideration into the garment quality and fit, it has become overwhelming and wasteful. At Euphoric Collection not only do we source sustainable fabrics where possible, we also have complete control of our waste management. Click here to read more about our production processes.

ETHICAL - When buying our products we can guarantee to you that your new garment has been made well, ethically and with love. Who makes our garments? Natasha does.

SIZE INCLUSIVIEITY - No women should ever walk into a store and have to walk out because she can't find a single item that works for her body shape and size. At Euphoric Collection we do our best to cater to as many different body shapes and sizes as possible.

TRANSPARNECY - We are transparent to our customers on where we source our fabrics, what fabrics we use, who makes our clothing, our practices and our sustainability and community efforts.


Our mission is to provide an alternative to fast fashion by providing ethically made, well made garments that are designed to last. We want to show and bring awareness to the behind the scenes processes of making garments and how much work truly goes into sewing and making a garment. We also want to get involved in helping our local community via volunteer work, donations and possible career opportunities to up and coming designer/fashion students.


The owner, designer and seamstress of Euphoric Collection is Natasha Overend. Euphoric Collection is currently a one women team.


Born and raised in wellington, Natasha spent her childhood and teen years in wellington and went to study at NZFT before moving to Masterton. Shortly after settling in Masterton she started up her own brand. Natasha has been working since the age of 10, realising at a young age that she wanted to work for herself. Her first of many jobs included paper runs, babysitting and buying second hand shorts on trade me, colour dying them in funky tie-die patterns and then selling them to friends. Natasha hopes one day she can give inspiration and advice to other women to chase their dreams, and to be able to give them the courage and confidence that they can do it too.


This label was created for women who are seeking an alternative to fast fashion for swimwear and loungewear who value inclusivity and the environment. Feel sexy and confident in our made to order garments that are made for, you.


Founder, Designer, Seamstress, The women behind Euphoric Collection 

N a t a s h a   O v e r e n d